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Terre Brown 5-Year Warranty Promise



Terre Brown products are designed and built to last for years, but the warranty does not cover misuse or abuse such as the following:

  • •  Like if you take it shark diving in salt water and a rivet corrodes
  • •  Or if an elephant stomps on it and creases the leather
  • •  Or if a crocodile bites it and tears off a d-ring


Our 5-year warranty is against defects in materials (leather and hardware such as snaps, zippers, rivets, etc.) and workmanship. Our leather, as with all natural materials, will occasionally have unique characteristics such as small scars, creases, and variations in the color and are not considered defects. Validated warranty repairs are repaired or replaced at no charge.

Due to the nature of leather and vintage materials, our warranty does not cover natural wear and tear from daily love. Worn edges or corners, natural fading and softening of materials is an expected occurrence. We guarantee the foundation of our product will hold your belongings safely. We find that patches and natural wear are a part of the story that unfolds as your product grows with you. One of a kind, Vintage and Found product may need to be patched or stitch due to the nature of vintage material.


Exclusions and Limitations include shoes, clothing, home goods, vintage, one-of-a-kind, and FINAL SALE merchandise.

Maintain your favorite leather pieces regularly to ensure soft and supple leather. Leather can be cleaned and restored with a regimen of leather care products designed to clean, condition and protect. Leather Care can help maintain your product longer. Please see our Leather Care page for more information. We recommend conditioning your leather at a minimum of every 6 months. Learn more about how to care for your leather.

If you are in a dryer (hot or cold) climate please condition your product as soon as it feels less supple, dull or faded. Vegetable tanned leather when conditioned should feel slightly oiled and look rich. Similar to the nature of skin it needs to be moisturized as soon as it feels dry.

If you would like to explore a non-warranty repair, please review our options for Expert Repairs for Your Product.


Warranty Exclusions and Limitations

Any warranty claims associated with the below list are not considered manufacturing defects and are not covered within our 5-year warranty policy. At the discretion of Terre Brown, a fee may be incurred for repair.


User wear and tear from normal use such as:

  • •  Worn edges or corners from daily use
  • •  Natural fading and softening of materials
  • •  Stains, spots and spills
  • •  Stretching from wear/use
  • •  Damage to finishes or seams from friction/rubbing
  • •  Improper conditioning and cleaning
  • •  Linings that are ripped, stained or worn from normal use.


Misuse, neglect, abuse or accidental damage such as:

  • •  Rips or scratches
  • •  Gashes and tears
  • •  Harsh chemicals or cleaners
  • •  Animal, fire or weather (lightning, tornado, flood, etc.) damage
  • •  Airline or third-party damage or mishandling
  • •  Third party alterations
  • •  Theft, loss or intentional damage.


Any warranty claims associated with the below list of merchandise categories do not fall within our 5-year warranty policy.

  • •  Shoes, clothing, vintage, and home goods.
  • •  The “Found” collection of merchandise. This is due to the vintage nature of the materials used in the construction of these pieces.
  • •  Promotional, FINAL SALE, sample or assorted sale merchandise.
  • •  Retail props, fixtures, and décor. This merchandise is sold “As-Is.”
  • •  Merchandise purchased through discount retailers or manufacturer outlets.
  • •  Merchandise not manufactured by Terre Brown.


1 Year Limited Warranty Exemptions

The following have a limited 1-year warranty that is valid from the date of purchase. At the discretion of Terre Brown, a fee may be incurred to the user to repair the merchandise if the warranty claims do not fall within the 1-year timeframe.

  • •  Any faux leather merchandise. Kindly check product details to find out whether the product is made of faux leather or genuine leather.


All Warranty Repair requests must be processed and validated by our Warranty Team.

  • •  Proof of purchase is required for warranty validation and service.
  • •  Every request is reviewed and assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • •  Product registration is no longer required in order to receive services.
  • •  Any fees associated with a warranty claim will be provided to the customer for approval before work is done.
  • •  The customer is responsible for shipping product back to our warehouse if you haven't purchased any servicing along with the product. If you have purchased any servicing along with the product, we will generate pickup for the product. We will take care of the shipping on the way back to you.
  • •  The customer is responsible for shipping costs to return the product for non-warranty repairs.
  • •  Terre Brown is not responsible for missing packages or COD.
  • •  When shipping, please use a trackable carrier and request an insurance policy equal to the value of your return.
  • •  Delivery will be refused on packages received without a Work Order.
  • •  Please note that we maintain the right to return dirty or soiled items that may cause a health or safety risk to our team or equipment.
  • •  We reserve the right to send “Do-it-Yourself” repair kits for certain repairs or manufacture defects. These kits will be sent with complete repair parts and instructions.
  • •  All Warranty repairs must be completed by an authorized service provider.
  • •  Using an unauthorized service provider voids the Lifetime Guarantee.
  • •  If your merchandise is unable to be repaired, replacement merchandise will be given in exchange at an equal or lesser value of original items.
  • •  Warranties are non-transferable.



Have your receipt?

Please include it in your email request for return or bring it with you to any of our stores. This way we can reimburse your original purchase price to either your original method of payment or as a merchandise credit, or use it to help exchange your item.

Special Conditions

If you purchased Terre Brown merchandise from one of our Valued Retailers (like Amazon), please contact them directly to facilitate a return or exchange.

To help protect our customers and make sure every return or exchange is dealt with fairly, we reserve the right to not refund the following,

-Terre Brown is not responsible for any missing packages or COD
-The customer is responsible for shipping cost
-We reserve the right to refuse delivery of packages received without a Return Authorization
-All return and exchange requests must be received within 30 days of purchase either online or from our Terre Brown retail locations.
-Proof of purchase is required to validate a return or exchange
-If you purchased an item from our sale page, these items are eligible for exchange or store credit only, unless marked FINAL SALE online. SAMPLE SALE product is FINAL SALE
-All returned merchandise must be in new, unworn, and original condition
-We have the right to charge a restocking fee of 15% if the product is not returned in original condition.
-Customised merchandise is not eligible for a refund or exchange. All sales are final.
-Items that were not purchased directly from Terre Brown (such as items purchased at thrift stores, online sellers or garage sales)
-Items with a missing label or an item that has been defaced
-On rare occasions, based on the nature of prior transactions
-Items that have been soiled or contaminated, until they have been cleaned
-Items lost or damaged due to fire, flood or natural disaster

Product Care Information

We highly recommend using leather care treatment to maintain and preserve your leather products: Product Care

Our wax coated canvas is coated with paraffin which makes this water-resistant, but not waterproof. If your canvas product gets wet, we recommend you let it air dry thoroughly in a warm dry place. If at any time your canvas has scratches or marks, these can typically be reduced by using a hair dryer on medium heat to help the wax soften and absorb back into the canvas.

By purchasing products from Terre Brown you agree to the terms in our 5-year warranty. Terre Brown reserves to right to alter, edit or cancel our 5-year warranty without notice.