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Real Leather

Genuine Leather products are crafted using the skin of animals, primarily animals reared as cattle such as goats, sheep, pigs and cow.

Genuine leather is split into multiple types: 

  • Aniline - Aniline leather is high quality, top-grain leather that has no protective treatment applied.
  • Semi-aniline - Semi-aniline leather is pure aniline leather that has a light surface coating of pigment or clear finish.
  • Pigmented - Pigmented leather is top-grain leather that has been coated with a clear top layer or pigment


Faux Leather

Faux Leather is made from a fabric base, which is chemically treated with an amalgamation of wax, dye and polyurethane for a particular colour and texture. Faux leather ultimately, unlike genuine leather is artificial and while providing a similar look and feel to genuine leather offers a wider scope for experimentation and flexibility. 




Advantages of Authentic Leather


  1. Genuine leather|’s contribution to shaping our civilization maybe as gargantuan as the wheel.
  2. Through the different stages of the evolution of the neanderthal, animal hide has been a flexible material that has been use as not only in tools but also as a clothing. 
  3. Genuine leather is a robust and beautiful material thats unique nature of having a fine grain texture has made in a popular choice of material in premium and high end luxury clothing and other fashion accessories.
  4. Leather provides a finishing that when handled carefully and maintained only gets better with time.





Advantages of Faux Leather


  1. Faux leather or artificial leather is a man-made substitute to genuine leather. Providing the same exact feel and look as genuine leather, the material is an amalgamation of a synthetic polymer blend.
  2. Faux leather is artificially manufactured and this allows manufactures the flexibility of shaping the grain and the choice of colour of shade, providing products at a cheaper price than their genuine leather counterparts.